Remove Negative Energies in your home/office to create a more positive environment

Space Clearing

Everything in the Universe is made of energy. Whether the energy that we are exposed to is positive or negative, it has a significant effect on our health, emotions and overall well-being.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that “Like Attracts Like”. When our home / office is filled with negative energy, it can attract more situations and entities of negative nature, resulting in problems and issues for the occupants, in terms of health or life in general.

We can help to remove negative energies in your home / office to create a much more positive and conducive environment for all the occupants. We can help to remove spirits and other negative energetic entities attached to people (eg. spirit possession) and homes / offices. Negative energetic attachments in people are quite common, and can result in various degrees of negative effects on people, such as illnesses, irritability, anger, depression, short-term memory loss, fear, pessimism, etc. In more severe cases, people can even become suicidal as they are unable to overcome the high levels of negativity.

We will not require or encourage our clients to purchase or place any items / accessories in your home / office, which is unnecessary for our Space Clearing service to be effective. We employ spiritual but non-religious methods to carry out our services.

Click here to read Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin’s channeled message on “Space Clearing, Exorcism and Ghosts”.

Energy exchange of service is dependent on the size of your home / office as well as the complexity of your case. Please contact us to find out more.


"After you did the space clearing at my place, I realised my house looked much calmer and serene and there was easiness in me. My hubby too said that he feels different in our house.. some good feeling but I never mentioned to him anything. My elder daughter said she felt the house looked very calm and peaceful now. She is very bright and cheery when she wakes up in the mornings now. I can hear my 2 daughters chirping like birds early in the morning. Last time it was only my 2nd daughter chirping.

My kids are no longer afraid to go to toilet. Furthermore, I have observed that last time when we switched off the lights at night, I myself found it eerie and when we were sleeping , I felt like somebody is watching but when I opened my eyes there wasn’t anyone. But nowadays, I don’t have that feeling and I don't wake up in between sleep."

- S.S. (Space Clearing)*


"My business improved tremendously after I engaged Origins Arising for its
Space Clearing Services. The businesses that I got within 2 months was more than what I had for the previous 6 months prior to the space clearing!

My business has always been good but late last year, things changed all of a sudden. Business dropped and staff became unhappy and left one after another. It was few months later that I remembered that we had left a bag of hell-notes in the office after the hungry ghost festival, and business seemed to dip from then onwards.

I first approached Origins Arising for Channeling and after the session,
Ms Wendy confirmed that the negative energies brought about by the hell-notes
was affecting my business and my staff.

With channeled guidance from the Creator, we got rid of the negative source,
then cleared the office of negative energies and my business is now doing
even better than before!"

- M.L. (Space Clearing, Channeled Guidance)*

* Individual results may vary.



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