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Channeled Message -

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin: Space Clearing, Exorcism and Ghosts, Mar 2010

Kuan Yin speaks:

"You had been here a long time. I have seen you for a long time. And it is this time that beings will be in another realm of life. I mean human beings. I see that beings are more awakened souls. I have had these people with me now. These are the people that have answers to the Earth. And these people are here around us. I see these people will be helping us in this uncertainty time. And these are people that will be seeing the answers to the Earth. I have much, much, much anticipation for Ascension to come. And this realm of Earth has to be cleared for Ascension to come. I see that beings on Earth have much, much anticipation to move to another realm on Earth.

I have had beings on this Earth to help in Ascension. These beings are here to answer to this world. Yes, they have to move to other realms or world. I have seen beings in other world that have been here too. I have seen beings moved to another world so as to be cleared for this world. I see that help is to be given to the lost souls. These souls will need guidance from this realm of Earth. And this realm of Earth has people to help them. I see a lot of enlightened souls are on Earth this time of life. And these souls would know their absolute life purpose.

I see that help is given to these souls in their helpful plans. I see these plans are in place now. Help will be given from the divine Self. I see a lot of beings in this realm and are lost in their life plan. And this they cannot move on to their purpose and people around them.

I see that there are sincere people around to help the lost souls. And these people are here today to help these beings. And this space clearing is essential to help them move on. I have had this in place now. In this era of Life, beings have to be moved on. I see this time in Life, beings have to make decision to move to next realm. I see these beings in this soul life because they want to move to next realm in Earth.

I can see people around you to help beings. And these people are around you. Be helpful to them, they will be grateful to you. I see that a lot of people are afraid of these beings, be afraid and see them. I feel that these people do not need to be afraid to see them. They are here to be helped from you. Be here with me, I see these people are here on Earth. They are here to help them move to other realm in Earth. I see that help is to be given to them. And life will be better for everyone.

See this yourself, in time to come, people will be able to see Truth of Earth. Be a helpful person and help the Earth to move to next realm of form. I see that Life has to be in a new help form in next year or so. And Life will be different platform very soon. See it yourself now, people have been undergoing changes and things have been changing, I can’t say more now. Be prepared for the next world of life."

End of channeled message

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