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Channeled Message -

Lord Maitreya: Importance of Healing, 22 Oct 2010

Lord Maitreya speaks:

"I want you to know, from now till Ascension, healing is much much important to be done. In fact, healing has been taking place now for the entire Earth. In next few minutes, you will see another end of Earth assisting you first. That means, few persons have been enlightened now. In this life, workers and helpers have to come before Man. They are here to help. It means that few people are in touch with their ownselves. Life has been happening a long way. In fact, life hood of people were not in this way. Therefore, fewer people feel the needs of healing themselves now.

Now, in a moment, come forward with me. Feel the energy of your own. See your energy, what is needed now. Feel it now. Especially the healing part of you. I would not say why and which part need to be healed. As it is not my job to tell you. You have to heal in a way that is balanced. Having a balanced mind and body is needed for your soul. Feel yourself now. And be connected to your own soul. Be at ease, be at ease. Feel the energy, fill with perfect energy.

In this life, you will need to be healed completely. Feel this now. It is very crucial for that as beings on Earth. I will now tell you why.

See that what is ahead of you? Feel that now. Love beings will be here on Earth to help. With these beings on Earth, few people may know the truth now. Healing is just a process of your internalised being balanced. Feel balanced. In and out of you. Here, you will then feel at ease, inside and outside. Perhaps, you will feel more at peace too.

Feel the Light energy forwarding down every day. This Light energy is to help people in Ascension. You feel yourself what is needed now to heal yourself as it is a cleansing process for you, to have this Light resonate with you then. Feel the Light coming down to Earth. It is pure energy. And let the Light shine upon you, inside and outside.

You know what? Healing is personal too. Feel what is needed. Kind souls and every one of you is needed to heal yourself. Seems like you do not know why? Frankly, personally, it is to get the purest form of you back in an easy way. It is peacefully and helpfully carrying out now.

For I am here to tell you, light beings like you would know. Few years down the road, there will be mass ET visits down on Earth. And you know what happen next? These ETs are here to help the Earth, to heal the Earth. And so they are important here. They are here to fulfil one thing. They are here to control the Earth to the present form. And in short, beings have to stay in purest form on Earth too.

You see, it is what it takes now, to fulfil that, back to the pure form. So few of you may know, help is given now. You have to know what to do next. To get help or to wait for help to heal you. You may think that you can get your own self in healing too. Whatever you choose, it is essential to have healed your own self to be prepared for the next era of Earth to come, in Ascension.

Fill your heart with love and light energy. Fulfil what you want to do – light and love. Feel peaceful now and love your own self. For you are what you are on Earth. Can’t see more of yourself. Can’t feel more than yourself. Let your own soul feel it. And be in tune with your own soul. Can’t be sorrow or passion that override your mind. It is your own free self you have.

Now, feel yourself be in line with your own free will, as your free will decides your future. Help will be given if you want. Kindness has befallen on Earth for now. And you should know what I mean. Lessons learnt now would be crucial for you. You feel what you feel and decide our own.

I now would have to tell you this now. You should know what you want now in life. And fulfil it, and be at peace."

End of channeled message

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