Energy Healing through Reiki, Quantum Touch and Theta Healing

Energy Healing / Therapy

Everyone’s body is capable of self-healing, but unfortunately, for most people, their self-healing functions are not fast or strong enough to counter all their illnesses and diseases. Everyone and everything in the Universe is made of energy. The only difference is in the level of vibrational frequency.

Illnesses and diseases are of low vibrations. When a person is affected by an illness or disease, if his vibrational frequency is too low, his body will be unable to heal itself sufficiently to counter the negative effects of the illness/disease. This is where ancient skills and experience in the use of Energy Healing / Therapy play a valuable part.

There are increasing number of cases of unknown illnesses / diseases which other forms of medical treatments are unable to treat. The reason for such scientifically unexplainable illnesses / diseases could be because of a person’s outstanding karmic issues or life lessons. We can help people with such unknown illnesses/diseases, by helping and guiding people to resolve their karmic issues and life lessons.

More people are also suffering from various types of cancer and are struggling to overcome the severe side effects of typical cancer treatments using chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Our Energy Healing / Therapy may help to improve recovery chances, and reduce the severity of the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, depending on each individual’s condition.

By channeling various forms and sources of Universal energy from our highly experienced Energy Therapist to a person, we are able to enhance the person’s self-healing function in his body, to speed up his recovery from his illness / disease, which can range from headaches, migraines, bone fractures, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, etc. We help to restore balance in a person’s body and Life Force energy, which is needed to ensure a person’s healthy well-being. When there is imbalance in energy in a person’s body, all forms of health conditions will occur.

Energy Healing / Therapy is safe, natural and can be used to complement your existing medical treatments to help your body restore balance faster, to enable you to heal yourself faster and more effectively.

We have to highlight:
Our Energy Healing / Therapy is complementary therapy, and is not meant to replace your existing medical treatments and medications completely. We do not diagnose illnesses.

Depending on your health condition and issues, we will apply a suitable mix of healing energies (ranging from Theta Healing, Quantum Touch, Reiki and other channeled Universal Healing Energies) to heal you to the fullest, for your highest good in this life.

Energy exchange: S$260 (per hr)


"I was 'guided' to Wendy by pure chance (as if I was directed) - I had an issue
(tightness in the chest/stomach area but it is not a medical issue!)
and I was looking for answers. When I first contacted her for an appointment for
energy healing on 29 May through e mail, she was very prompt to reply.

I finally met her on 6 June and I must say I am very impressed with the therapy centre, very conducive, very bright and airy, very peaceful and very clean.

As for Wendy, I will say she is very kind and very sincere to want to help me.
More importantly, Wendy does not indicate that I have to return for a follow up session, she let me decide if I should. And she also follows up with me on the progress.

I recommend to anyone reading my testimonial to give Wendy a try.
Go with an open mind and see wonders for yourself.

By the way, for those interested in the Soul Symbol Channeling,
I also recommend that you go for it. Since getting my own personalized Symbol,
I have printed it on T-shirts and have worn them for my exercises and meditation.
Since then, the area (lower chest and upper stomach) covered by my Symbol has been very comfortable and I now have very deep and full breath (I used to have bloated tummy which pushes up to my chest area which causes my chest to be tight).

Thank you."

- Tai Lim (Energy Healing, Soul Symbols Channeling)*


" Hi Wendy, just want to let you know I am feeling much better today.
Last few days was tough... Still a lot of residual emotions I think.
But since I started connecting with the spirit guides and using the symbol,
I feel so much relief and the emotional pain is gone. Thank you. "

- E.C. (Energy Healing, Soul Symbols Channeling)*


"I was suffering from very bad dizzy spells due to viral infections (as diagnosed by a clinical doctor). Even after a week of rest and medication, the motion sickness-like symptoms continued.

Worried about why I was not able to recover, I approached Ms Wendy for energy healing and channeling, to find out the root cause. During the session, Wendy channeled Creator and received instructions to guide me on how to use the energy from my own thoughts to rebalance the giddiness in my head.

Miraculously, after the 1 hour session ended, the feeling of giddiness left immediately and I have since recovered fully."

- Lee (Energy Healing, Channeled Guidance)

* Individual results may vary.



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