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Channeled Message -

Creator/Source/God: Exorcism, 9 Feb 2011

*Note: Problems of spirit attachment (more commonly known as spirit possession) are far more common than known. In fact, most of the time, people have spirits attached to them, without being aware of it, or even showing any visible signs.

Creator/Source/God speaks:

"I am going to tell you how to deal with people who are enthralled with ghosts. These people may not know what to do. They (people) are here to help them (ghosts) actually.

People who have problem with ghosts do not know they have to help them. They think these (ghosts) are there to harm them. In fact, they aren’t really to harm them but to do things for them (ghosts). They should not do everything they (ghosts) ask them to do also. They should talk to them and review well. To do this, you may channel me or Archangel Michael for help. These beings are here for people to help them. Their Guides would have helped them if they can be helped. But they (Guides) will leave them (ghosts) for lesson to be learnt and for people to help them.

They (ghosts) may not be receptive to people also because they want what they want only. You can channel me or Archangel Michael if you come across these. Think well first. Only Light Beings are asked to do this work. Yes, Light Beings to help people that encounter ghosts. And this is really really good deed to do for the life."

Question: Do Taoist priests help to chase ghost?

Answer: "They also help because they work with the deities to help. But that may not work all the time because these deities may not have power to heal the ghosts also."

End of channeled message

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