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Channeled Message -

Archangel Mariel: Energy Activation for Feb 2011, 2 Feb 2011

*Note: According to the earlier channeled message on 26 Jan 2011 from Archangel Michael, there will be intense shower of energy coming to Earth this week. I (Wendy) have been guided by Creator/Source/God to channel Archangel Mariel to give energy activation for human beings to be better prepared to receive this energy. Creator/Source/God has told me that Archangel Mariel is in charge of energy activation. You may search on the Internet to read more about Archangel Mariel.

Archangel Mariel speaks:

"I think it is very good for you to have energy healing for people now. I am here to help in healing for people.

Yes, energy will be coming forward end of this week onwards. And that is my suggestion for people now. Be positive beings on Earth.

And today, I am going to give meditation for everyone. This is to prepare you for the energy coming to Earth. You will receive more energy for you. This meditation is to be done now or whenever you need it.

More energy is coming down to Earth, and you can receive it more with this meditation. And for people not in tune with energy yet, this meditation can be used too. And for people who receive energy and have bodily sensation, they can use this meditation too.

I am going to begin now."

(Please click on the audio icon below for the audio recording of the meditation, and click on the Play icon on the audio page to start listening to the audio.)

End of channeled message


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