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Channeled Message -

Archangel Michael: Feel Joy, 26 Jan 2011

Archangel Michael speaks:

"I feel that life is an unsatisfied way of living. People also would feel that. And love also means a lot for people. I mean love is not just lust or physical love. Persistently, give more persons of love. The mind does more problem than love can give. People only can see what they are for, but not on what they are here for too. Live persistently is important. People will not have perfect life and never will have.

Live positively and be in tune to your loved ones. I feel for the past, a lot of people are coming forward to cause problem. People do not have the understanding of problem finding.

They cannot solve the problems because of 2 things:

1) Love and hate can be the root of problem. They love but lack of possession of peace. Peace to look for themselves inner. They cannot think positively on the inner self, like for more possible choice but lack of inner self. Life will not be in this way next time. Everyone has to love and live more positively. And then live more people-orientated way. Then things would be fine.

2) The other problem is harness more fault that people can have. Like I say, positive people do not need to do that. Have more concern for more mankind. Positive mindset has to be in place first. Then they can be happy.

By saying that, I feel that more options are opened for you to everyone. Live more positively, and feeling of happiness will come.

In a year or so, all people will have a long hard lesson to learn. This is lesson to do with every mankind. But lovingly be done. This is a lesson for mankind to learn to feel joy in them.

Have be end of next week, will experience an energy heaviness on Earth. This energy will be like an intense shower on Earth. End of next month onwards, life will be killing on Earth. That is like a lesson for all mankind. Be sure that this will have to happen. Not all souls have to learn and go through, but souls that haven’t learned have to go through that. I feel that there will be a massive fear in this life time very fast.

I like you to view me as energy of force for Earth to be. In fact, living on this energetic Earth is a profound thing. The fear that people may face is lack of many things. In these days, people are fighting for oil, fuel, power. And less people are calling for their holy soul for advice.

Listen now, my fellow old souls. Keep a mind of your own, do not be distracted. And love everyone around you. Hymn of praise should do more often. People like you more. Then joy will come to you. Live positively and peacefully now.

Life is not a bed of roses when you are born. And this is not meant to be. Give love positively and let see why. Help people willingly and feel for people positively. Life be better.

Joy is not about more, but you on your own. Live on, and do not be afraid to have a couch to lean on when you need."

End of channeled message


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