Remove Past Life Vows/Oaths to break free from negative life patterns and recurring problems

Remove Past Life Vows / Oaths

Do you keep finding yourself facing similar patterns of difficulty throughout your life, for reasons you cannot figure out? If you are facing such situations, you may very well be suffering the effects of a past-life vow/oath that you had made in previous lifetimes. In the past, in many parts of the world, in many cultures and civilisations, it was very common for people to make all sorts of vows/oaths to the Spiritual Realm, whether to Creator/Source/God, or other Higher Beings.

It is impossible to list down all the vows/oaths that people have been known to make in their past lives, but common ones are to do with: Love, Chastity, Poverty, Silence, Obedience, Penitence. These vows/oaths could have been made intentionally when people were in extremely strict religious/spiritual organisations/groups, when they were monks, priests or nuns, or when they were born in families which had extremely strict family customs and traditions.

People could have also intentionally made past-life vows/oaths, not because of religious/spiritual requirements, but because of their life circumstances back then. Often, people's fears play an important part in them making vows/oaths, eg. people feared death in the past when human mortality rate was very high, so when they or their loved ones had serious illnesses, they may have made vows/oaths in the hope of avoiding death. Basically, there are endless reasons and circumstances in the past, which prompted people to have made those vows/oaths. In fact, people are still making such vows/oaths in this present era, though they are not as common as before.

Past Life Vows/Oaths are effective across all subsequent lifetimes until they are removed, because they were made with people’s freewill. That is the reason why many people today are still suffering from the effects of those past life vows/oaths. We can help you to find out what past life vows/oaths you are currently affected by, and remove them for you, to improve your current life.

We will help to channel your main Spirit Guide, who knows your life best. You can ask your Spirit Guide what Past Life Vows/Oaths you are currently affected by, as well as any other questions/advice regarding your life. We will help to remove all your Past Life Vows/Oaths in all your past lifetimes. This will help to free you from past life obligations and promises that not only do not serve you any good now, but are causing great problems in your current life.

It is time to finally regain your freedom today.

Energy exchange: S$260 (per session)


"I had my first session with Wendy for "Removal of Past Life Vows". I feel what Wendy had channeled somehow does explain my then 'predicament',
and I asked to had my past live vows removed.

Shortly after, I engaged Origin Arising’s services again and Wendy had my chakra reactivated and taught me how to connect to my own spiritual guide myself.

In the aftermath of all, I felt revitalized as a whole and will not hestitate to speak up when it's needed and I feel more outright in doing this; not being indecisive. Most importantly, I feel that I became sharper in mind and feel more confident of myself."

- Alec (Removal of Past Life Vows, Channeled Guidance)*

* Individual results may vary.


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