Release intrusive / Negative Energies and Spirit Attachments in your body

Removal of Intrusive / Negative Energies & Spirit Attachments

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We are all energetic beings and when our energy fields / systems are weak, we are prone to attracting intrusive/ negative energies or spirit attachment in our bodies.

Intrusive/ negative energies can be present as emotional energies, thought forms, nature spirits, implants, soul / energy fragments, curse or black magic.

Spirit attachments are usually lost souls who do not know where to go and attach to human bodies. Some of the spirits choose to stay earth bound for various reasons, like they do not know that they are dead, having unfinished business, cannot let go of the love ones, fear of what will happen after death.

Our energy fields tend to be weaker when we experience emotional issues (eg: trauma, anger, depression etc), been through accidents or operations, drug abuse, often visit energetically dense places (eg: hospitals, hospices, mortuaries, funerals, cemeteries, temples etc), with big group of people having dense energy.

People who are on spiritual path may also attract spirit attachments as their bodies or energies tends to get lighter and spirits are drawn to them for help.

The Intrusive / negative energies or spirit attachments will affect us physically, emotionally or even implant thoughts to us.

A person having Intrusive/ Negative Energies & Spirit Attachments usually have the following symptom(s):

• Unexplainable body pain / illness
• Unexplained fatigue /feeling tired and depleted of energy
• Suicidal thoughts / feeling of despair and wanting to end your life
• Nasty thoughts in your mind, possibly hearing voices
• Sudden bad thoughts that you know are not yours
• Sudden changes in personality or behaviour
• Worrying nightmares that can cause sleeplessness / night terrors
• Unexplained depression / prolonged depression
• Sudden panic attacks and shock which can leave one feeling vulnerable
• Suffering mood swings and / or impulsive behaviour
• Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness or emotion
• Unexplained fears, phobias or panic attacks
• Waking up in the early hours after going to sleep and finding it hard to get back to sleep

We have the expertise and experience to detect and release the negative energies and spirit attachments from a person’s body to the light. After the release of the energies/ spirit attachment, you will feel an immediate direct shift in yourself. Some may find that over the follow days or weeks, they experience a lightening of mood, letting go of old habits, more confident in themselves, sleep better, or physically becoming fitter and unexplainable pain or illness is gone.

Energy exchange: $360 (per session)


"Hi Wendy, Thanks for the session yesterday. My mind is definitely a lot 'quieter' now.
I don't hear many opinions in my head. After I got back to work, I was surprised that I didn't feel this anger shooting up through me like I usually would when I met this person who antagonizes me at work. I could even concentrate on my work though he was walking around making his usual nasty remarks and trying to annoy me. That was a very nice feeling. I felt calm inside. Not much anger or urge to want to scream at him.

Although I feel that I still get upset more easily than other people but the feelings are not as strong as last time. I could settle down faster. And as mentioned, what I see now is very much brighter than previously. Like you helped me take off my sunglasses."

- M.T. (Removal of Negative Energies)*


"Hi Wendy, just want to thank you for the past few sessions. It has helped me a lot in obtaining a peace of mind. It has been a long time since I had a clear train of thought. Many thanks!"
- A.X. Goh (Removal of Negative Energies, Finding Soulmate)*


"I actually came to you for hypnotherapy service but during the session, the negative entities showed up and you directed them to the light. To be honest, back then I was skeptical, but now, I myself had a spiritual awakening and I can channel angels and my spirit guides. So I know now you really helped me.

Thank you for your valuable service. It was divine guidance that led me to you."

- Miss Wong (Hypnotherapy, Removal of Negative Energies)*


"Thank you for removing the spirit in my body.
I have the memory of the soldier who was killed when I was small. And after you removed it, I don't have regular headaches anymore whenever my period comes."

- T.T. (Removal of Negative Energies)


"Thank you very much Ms Wendy. It’s my blessing that I did came across your website. My hubby told me that he finds my daughter has improved
and is putting effort in her studies.

Last time during exam period, she will be scared and will be stressed over the exams. Now I see she is very enthusiastic and bracing forward without any fear. Her confidence level has gone up. She has finally passed her tests, which she never did for the past 2 years. I am so happy. In fact, her teachers and tutors are seeing difference in her.

After you did the space clearing at my place, I realised my house looked much calmer and serene and there was easiness in me. My hubby too said that he feels different in our house.. some good feeling but I never mentioned to him anything. My elder daughter said she felt the house looked very calm and peaceful now. She is very bright and cheery when she wakes up in the mornings now. I can hear my 2 daughters chirping like birds early in the morning. Last time it was only my 2nd daughter chirping.

My kids are no longer afraid to go to toilet. Furthermore, I have observed that last time when we switched off the lights at night, I myself found it eerie and when we were sleeping, I felt like somebody is watching but when I opened my eyes there wasn’t anyone. But nowadays, I don’t have that feeling and I don't wake up in between sleep."
- S.S. (Removal of Negative Energies)


"After the session, I felt and sensed the presence of my own essence only.
I used to have feelings or thoughts that arise out of nowhere. The thoughts may be negative or unusual feelings which do not seem to belong to me. Initially I do not know there are differences. But after the session, I sensed it. I can sense a total change in me right after the session. I start to feel my true self, and that every thought that arises out of me is my own. Now I am finally living my own free will.

Wendy, the world we are living now needs your healing.
I like to thank you as a Bringer of Light. Thank you."

- S.A. (Removal of Negative Energies)

* Individual results may vary.


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