Receive Divine Guidance from your Spirit Guide to find out your Life Purpose and Life Lessons

Life Purpose / Lessons Guidance & Healing

Do you feel you are leading a very meaningful and purposeful life? Are you looking forward to your future with joy? Are you totally at peace with your life? Are you completely confident of being able to handle all your life obstacles now and in the future? If you are not, worry not, because you are not alone. In fact, majority of people all over the world have the same problem as you, as they are not aware of the real purpose of their lives. Because of not knowing this critical information, most people live each day simply to pursue resources to survive or keep for future use, or live according to societal expectations of them, instead of leading their lives for their own highest good.

It is extremely common for people to live their entire lives, only to realise much later that even though they may have lived a materially successful life, they still feel very empty inside, and are unable to feel any form of lasting purpose or meaning in their lives. When we lead our lives without purpose or meaning, we will feel that our lives are empty and meaningless.

People often realise much later in their lives that living their entire lives to possess more money and material comforts, even though they may already have enough, do not make them feel any happier or more fulfilled in their lives, or fill that sense of emptiness inside them.

Life is often filled with mandatory experiences to help people learn key life lessons to allow them to be better people. People often struggle with their recurring life issues/problems because they are not aware of the life lessons that they are required to learn. As long as life lessons are not learnt, the problems will often keep recurring or even grow more intense, to ‘force’ people to learn.

If you need help to know how to lead your life with far more purpose and meaning, we can help you today! Find out what are your life lessons and purpose in your life, and you will understand the reasons for your life obstacles, and you will be able to overcome them well. You will be able to live your life with great confidence and be at peace within yourself, with no fears whatsoever.

We will channel guidance from your Spirit Guide, who knows your life best, or access your Akashic Records, which is your life records. You can ask questions of your concern and receive advices about your life.

We will also check your energetic body for any energy blockages or imbalances. Healing energy will be channeled to raise your vibration and clear any blockages you may have, that deter you from achieving your life purpose. When you finally understand your life purpose and life lessons, you can integrate them into your daily life and look forward to leading a far more fulfilling and positive life, filled with happiness, joy and optimism!

Energy exchange: S$360 (2hrs)


“Thank you so so much, you have no idea the relief you gave me.
Everything uncertain in my life is so clear now.
I have never been this at peace ever in my life and
I’m filled with nothing but immense love.
Thank you for sharing your gift and wisdom to me. I love you so much."
- S.N (Life Purpose Guidance)*


"Thank you so much Wendy. I will take away the lessons I learnt from today's session for the better of this earth. I feel like you pulled me out of my dream. I'd really like to thank you for tapping into my energy and my spirit guide to bring these messages for me.

All my life, I've struggled with my own identity and my purpose in life. And today you answered everything I needed to hear and more. There was no way I could have done this by myself, and I'm so fortunate that the Universe brought you into my life as I embark on this spiritual journey in life. My heart feels so much lighter after the cleansing and activation. Also, my head is no longer as foggy as before. I know I have a very long way to go, but still I'm very grateful you're the catalyst. To the outsider, the effect you have on your clients might seem subtle. But having experienced your channeling,
I feel like I encountered my own divinity.

My life will honestly never be the same now that I know I'm a Lyran Starseed here to bring love and compassion.

- Y.L (Life Purpose Guidance)*


"Hi Wendy, would like to say thank you again. My heart is so relax without any pain sensation and I feel better to talk now. Thanks again."

- G.O. (Life Purpose Guidance)*

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