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Channeled Message -

God of Marriage, Yue Lao: Valentine's Day Message, 9 Feb 2011

*Note: We need to say a few words here regarding Yue Lao’s message, so that all readers can have a better perspective and understanding of how our life issues can be linked to our physical issues. Our physical bodies often reflect deeper issues in our lives as metaphysical signals, to alert us to issues that need to be addressed. Illnesses could be one way. As highlighted in this message, obesity could also be another way of signals for some people having weight issues. However, we need to stress that not all obese people have the same issues, and that weight issues could be signs of other forms of energetic imbalances or life issues, other than that mentioned in this message.

Yue Lao speaks:

"My dear, obesity is on the rise and not well. Because of that, a lot of people are not well. This is linked to love also.

I feel that a lot of people are not doing things for people because life is changing. Much more people will not be able to feel for others. And so, cold shoulders are given to people. People now fully have their own sort of mindset. They do not call people these days. And so, people do not feel love too. Now, these people only care for themselves and leave nothing for love. Lessons are not learnt for them because they do not feel they are here for love. They only want to have love, but do not see love. That is because they are not loving beings.

Feel that people have to learn about love now. Perhaps people do not really understand why. People are here on sorry ways. I think people will know for future to come.

I now want to tell you beings now, count to the light of feelings. How many of you do feel for your partner? Be blissfully have a husband or wife is lesson to learn too. Consciousness to be feeling for people is a lot of work to be done. And that is the point I want to say.

Have you wondered why many people are obese now? These people are not past tense of life. Cold shoulders, maligning people are life today. I mean people who are obese are lessons for them. These people who are obese have to think of people around them. And they do not have freedom to care for only for themselves. These people are meant to think for others but lesser for themselves. As so, look at them. Will you feel that they are here for well being? They are here for others where they are not aligned to themselves. How true are people that they want to be obese? These are people to learn a lesson that they are to learn.

Tell you this, these people before you are not fat. These people are getting fat because they have to learn a lesson of love. Love for themselves and others truly. These days, people will not feel love, love truly. It is not the liking of people way before them. These beings are not loved, but here to feel loved.

I feel that only if people learn to feel love, how to be feeling for people, people will be pleased and thankful for all you have done out of love. People do not think you are a people person unless you feel love.

Now do not know what people are for these days? They are here to feel love and not finding love to give. Selfish people are around. And these are the people that may be obese too. Obese people may not be selfish people but they may be less truthful to own selves. These obese people will tend to feel more love if they learn their lesson.

I do not feel that life is a final destiny for people to come for personal reason. These days, a lot of beings are having lesson of love. They can’t show how much love they can give. They can’t think life can be evil than they are here for. I do not think that mindset is one thing that is playing a part. It is also the life that is playing a part. Tell you one more thing, love is not about living with a person together. It is the love that is expressed throughout, being together or not.

Tell you another thing, Pardon me if I say this. People will not know why they are not loved. That is because they do not know how to love and be happy. They think that the people around them are not love to them. So way before they can feel love, they have this mental set. I feel that dear, do not think about yourself and feel love around you being expressed.

Valentine’s Day is not the only day to express love. Having said that, love is not about money also. Feel love behind that. Myself will want to tell everyone here, live, love and be joy throughout you. Feel people with love and you will feel love for yourself."

End of channeled message


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