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Channeled Message -

God of Marriage, Yue Lao: Feel Your Soulmate, 10 Jan 2010

Yue Lao speaks:

"I have been here for you. You should feel for yourself with your heart who to look out for in this life. You should be able to feel the energy of the person you draw to. It is the Law of Attraction. I have been here to feel the right one for you. You should be able to feel it for yourself that it is the right one for you.

Now it is you to come forward to feel the energy in you. You should be able to feel it with your whole heart. You have the ability to feel that it is the one for you. It is the life you have been with for it to happen. I would think that everyone of you would be able to feel it yourself. It is now the time to use your heart to make a fine judgment. It is your heart that judges what is right or wrong. Do not use your mind to judge. It is time for you to feel it or to find another one for you.

I have plan for everyone to find the mate you have. It is now for you to feel it for yourself. Now you know how he (or she) feels for you, you should know what you want in this life. Me, am I here to feel for you? It is a matter of time for me to feel it that you have what you want to be. You would not know what I mean but you would know what I have been doing in this way."

End of channeled message

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