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Channeled Message -

Melchizedek: Seeing Other Realms of People - Enlightenment, 13 Jul 2012

*Note: I (Wendy) have been guided by the Creator/Source/God to channel Melchizedek to deliver a message on “Seeing Other Realms of People - Enlightenment”. Melchizedek is a high level spiritual being who is like a mentor on universal level. He is part of the regulating program that balances and harmonises all energies.

Melchizedek speaks:

"It is about showing light to people. I see little people have gone through life before they were born, sharing information way beyond that. They are not aware of who they are and why they are here on earth, so much so that they are not contented with their lives. They focus blindly on life routines, not knowing why and what they are doing for.

In short, people are not aware of their existence. So long and lost that they are not in touch with their soul and blindly following this 3-Dimensional material world.

I hold the ray of light and show you the way. Do not be alarmed if things move forward or ahead of you for no reason, as this world is not as the same before. Do you know why? Seemingly, people who are conscious of what is happening will know why. There is no veil between the higher realm and your life now.

You will need to open yourself up to raise your awareness. Just do not think who you are on a physical level, but focus on what is in store for you in your higher mind - the real you. To do that, you will not be bound by constraint, but to go beyond what your imagination can do. Try to be conscious of what is the life you want to lead. Not just to follow the routine or the rest. Because this may not be what it is for you.

Knowing that slowing down of life is not a way of life too. It is not doing well if you choose to ignore what your higher mind is calling you for. Try to be aware of your inner wants which means beyond the material needs. Go with the heartfelt moment.

No one is lack of anything. No one is deprived of anything.
You will manifest what you want. You can get what you want.
Don’t bother to be fearful.
No love is in demand (Love is not in a demanding way).
For you love yourself and you will receive love too.

Not forgetting thriving is the key of Ascension. Because now is to unveil the real Earth, the truth to real things. Not bound by time and limitation. Look around you, way before you were born. Do you feel fear? No, you don’t, way before you were born. You were loved and love is the essence of joy too.

My beloved soul, please feel free and safe to experience joy with love. No one depicts you for that. And not long soon, you will be enjoying this new Earth of freedom in Ascension. Try to tune in more with yourself."

End of channeled message


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