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Lord Maitreya: Advice for Singaporeans in 2011, 1 Jan 2011

Question: Are there any advice or message for Singaporeans in the year of 2011?

Lord Maitreya speaks:

"Have you seen that 2010 has been an easy year? How would you see in this year next? I feel for the time being, lesson has been made. Have you know that, mind you, whole world will have changes. Feel that help will not be given any more. I feel that having openness is everyone’s job in this year.

Have seen that not every being is sure what to do. See for yourself very soon. They may have been in peace and left alone. Mindset has been how, feel and see and meet. Old problems will arise again. Problem with fuel issues. Problem with foreign exchange also. Having a hyper war of mindset is truly an issue. See it for your own self. Problem would not have arised as it would go. People will surely and physically experience all the problems.

Pardon me, every soul on Earth has to go through a higher frequency change. People may not understand these changes. These changes are essential, offering people. My suggestion is hold on to your own personal and possession only. How possession and persistent in health is not enough. Feel positive of your own life.

I feel that you as a person, should feel your own soul, or what your own, back to be in tune with your own soul. Feel for your own self. Sure have mindset post party enjoying after 2010. May you have feel love and joy throughout the year.

This will be a happy year if you stay in tune with your own soul. Feel for own soul. Mind your own feel. Portray your own personality within you. How to be understanding to people would also be important. Finally, all possibilities of faith and trust is there. Find, feel and see on your own. Feel more openly within you.

My dearest people, I want to tell you: an easy way of love and care is important. Peace and love is needed for all mankind. Feel your energy, fill all your energy with peace and love now.

Pardon me, I need to emphasis this again, my dear friends: my dear home has been left here. And you know, my incarnation on Earth has been an experience for all mankind. Feel that love has to be grown stronger on Earth. People are not only living in fear, but in deep greed. People will know what they need is not just money for sure.

Finally, I would not want to procrastinate more on Earth’s Ascension. Feel that Ascension has to come, nearer and nearer. Feel the energy embracing you. Me as an energetic self has to re-experience this energy too.

How far would that be? Feel that there will be an interim period before all souls realised it. Me as energy self may help to elevate it up faster. Perhaps my energy may not hold more on Earth. Feel for yourself. People are all in delusion. Feel back to Earth is illusion.

My easy way for you is this: you as a soul need to know what is happening now. Feel for it internally. How much do you know when the Earth has to be in Ascension? How not, you do know. Even you do not know, all possible may happen. Find some people congruently may have lesson for them. Lesson of pain to be learnt.

Enjoy your day, I may have problem that is not relevant to you, because these are the problem of Mother Earth. She knows why. And these are issues to her now. Plan for all the needs and not wants. Project your own self and nothing beats your own soul. People are all aware of their own souls. Live in love and be at peace."

End of channeled message


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