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Channeled Message -

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin: Ascension of Earth and Healing, 25 Apr 2012

Kuan Yin speaks:

"In this era of time, people will be scouting to find answers for themselves, what they want and who they are.

They will be affected by the strong energy waves coming down on Earth as 2012 is an energetically dense year. It is of clearing for Earth, a lot of release which can be in the forms of disasters and horror. This may not be what you see in the movies where there is the end of the world, but rather a shift in dimension and consciousness.

Feeing bothered can be something people feel more. More control will be required by people. Long lost feeling can be rekindled if you would want to feel it. The veil between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension is getting thinner, whereby people can tap into higher consciousness more easily.

Be positive about yourself. Love and light will come to you.

You may feel a need for karmic release for yourself too as the vibration of Earth will not allow or hold for your negativity in you more. More souls will be moved to the light too. Not about freeing souls but helping souls to go where they want to. They will be given choices if they want to move to the higher dimension when time is right for them.

During the process, lots of physical, emotional symptoms will appear. And you may feel your life go haywire. But this is not the big issue. You are undergoing a change where you will be given a choice to go through. I will think that this may be a challenging time for some people. But in your soul and heart, it will be a release.

Do not fear, and feel joy in you. Feel free to feel more positive at all times. There is no more fear in you."

End of channeled message


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