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Channeled Message -

Lord Jesus: Good Friday & Easter Day 2011, 22 Apr 2011

Lord Jesus speaks:

"This time of year is Good Friday and I would want this problem resolved. People will have problem. People are utterly angry now. People will feel changes possibly only in this life.

Me, as a Light Being on Earth now, has been guiding people for many good years. From this year onwards, my dearest people, mind you, you will have own thoughts about your life issue. I feel less pressured now to open one’s heart for me, because people will have issue with me at some point in time. These people were not seeing correctly of me. The Bible will reveal all, but not all possible truth. Do not be pressured. These people will have more onerous problem to come.

This time of day is Easter Day. Do you know why I was being hanged then? It is not the end of my world yet. This is not the start. I was hanged because people are loved by me. This leaves me a sense of point to them. These are not bad people. They are far more insensible.

I feel that time has changed the drama of life. This time, I would like to tell truth of life to all beings. My new sure mission is now to bring light to people. Problem will persist. These problems are not big issues, but they have to face themselves.

Life has not been easy throughout mankind. This time of day, I will like to tell more of this. This time, people will be awakened now. By saying so, people are less fearful of their choices. Your life will change too. Feel that energy this year has becoming stronger to Earth.

I feel that everyone of you has to go through a period of Light change for you. Light change means live in Light. I feel that a portion of you have already seen the Light to you. This time, my dear, seal this Light in you. Peel through the skin and see the Light of you. The true essence of you. This is the real you. You are Light being, is not material being.

Till you know why, time has changed. Time is not a factor any more. It’s not possible to experience now, because you are still in this dimension on Earth. But problem may change you. You will not think to that extent yet, but let’s see what happens.

I think myself will be here very soon to help Earth again. In new time of Earth to come, people may see Light themselves. I feel that next year onwards, people will see all sorts of fear in them. Earth is not a bad place to live, but has to change its life very soon.

That’s all I have to say and happy Good Friday. I thank you my dear (Wendy) to channel this message on behalf of me.

End of channeled message


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