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Channeled Message -

Lord Jesus: Christmas 2010, 25 Dec 2010

Question: Do you have any message to share on this Christmas Day (25 Dec 2010)?

Lord Jesus speaks:

"Yes, the theme is abundance. I think “bullshit” is not the word to use again next year onwards. There will be a lot of changes and people will know why they are in this world again. In fact, I feel that come back in my life is not easy time for all. I feel that nothing has changed as compared to the time when I was on Earth. There was no change on Earth at all. People live in greed and form their own perception of life. I feel that, that is not the way of new life in time to come. A lot of people are not awakened. We need to know why we are here on Earth.

I see that now on Earth, a lot of things are not in line to what it has to be. Since not everyone has the ability to differentiate what is right and what is wrong, it is important to use the heart to feel the answer. I would say not a single soul know what they are here now for. See for yourself next year.

Tell me what you want now. I see that life has not been improving since I had been on Earth. This day today, I would like to tell all mankind that how I would like the Earth to become. Since not everyone knows how we are here for, listen carefully. Seal with the Light. Has your heart been with yourself? Heal your own self with the Light. Feel that a century or earlier, having abundance is not an issue. Back in history, human beings do not have a single cent, and they are happily living like what you want. How can this day be like what you would like to see?

Be open, people, to the new source of life next year. Have you known how life will be like? “How”, “what”, will be an issue. I feel that having not enough is always an issue for people right now. And people are used to this life. Let's see how it is like when the day comes when people know what they need only. I do not mean that people will lose everything. That do not mean abundance. Maybe everyone will know what is abundance. That is the key to own assessment of your own needs.

Can’t you see what today means for today? Now that Light has come back to Earth, I would want everyone to think and feel where they are now, to be able to open their heart. Live for more. Life is more than money. Be happy with yourself and not asking for more than you need now. I feel that if these things are fulfilled, meaningful life will come.

Today is Christmas and Lord Jesus would like everyone be in Light of Love. In myself, I see few people know what Christmas is about. We have to know how we can have a better world now. Life - everyone has to live holistic and not possessive. Even if you do not wish to happen, life has to be changed from now on. Fear and Lack are no longer an issue. They are just seals of the Earth.

Cold mind will be left alone. Those who know who I am, will know why I say this. I want everyone to hold their trust to high seal of possibility. Live a more holistic life. In my form, I do not need to tell you where you are, you will find your way there. Having abundance is not an issue, because abundance is all in you. Like I say, possession is not abundance. Abundance do not have answer to everything too. See everyone as you are now, money is an issue for everyone now. But that is not the answer only for abundance.

Count to 5 now, you will have a clearer mind. Do you know why? Because I will let you see your own self. How to count? Use your heart to count.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Health, and self will fill you now.

Live, love and care for people. Give and take on you. Help each other and self fulfilled."

End of channeled message


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