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Channeled Message -

Federation of Stars - Furomine from MARS, 31 Jan 2010

*Note: I have channeled Creator, but Furomine from MARS come to me and tell me a message :

Federations of Stars - Furomine from MARS speaks:

"It is now the time of sadness in this world. I would not know what you are thinking. But I would not interfere it.

It is now you and me to be able to see the light. In this way, I will be able to guide you. I would not be able to fear for you. I would see all able beings have been here in this time in life. You should be here in this life to feel the earth. You should now be able to find a way to feel the earth. Be here with me now to see the absolute light.

In this time in life, I will not be able to feel for you, but you should be able to feel for yourself. It is now that you should feel for yourself and know what has happened. Me here have been a while in earth to see the earth in the light of you. I have been here a long time but you would not be able to notice me. I have been here through lives of human beings. It is now for me to help you.

In this life, I will be here to feel you. In this traumatic experience I have seen now, I have seen that earth is going a cleansing process. It is this time in life that everyone would experience changes. You may not know what the change is, but you will know soon.

In this earth, I have seen many of you have been here before. And yet, You do not know the truth of the earth. Be here now, you will know the truth of earth. I will not able to tell you what this mean now, but you will know it soon. It is just a matter of time that you will know it.

See for yourself, “bullshit” is not the word to use. It would not be able to see what it is like for you. But it has been a fairly long time that earth has come to this stage. You should not be able to see it this lifetime. You will be able to feel it. I have been here all along to show you your wish. See it yourself and you would know.

In this time of earth, you many not be able to see me, but you will be able to see the truth of earth.

It is indeed a very fulfilling time with you now, I will not have anymore things to say."

End of channeled message


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