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Channeled Message -

Creator/Source/God: Money, Abundance & Karma Return in 2011, 24 Jan 2010

Creator/Source/God speaks:

"Feeling of people around you will have great impact on you. Feeling of what they want, feeling of means and wants are totally undesirable. Meaning as a human being, you should not focus on these, but focus on inner growth.

People are very independent about money. They are chasing money, which is not acceptable anymore. People are fierce and cold to each other because they are afraid of money. In time to come, everyone in the society has to change the needs of abundance. In now, money is important as a mode of exchange in life. And so people are feeling the need to have money more and more. And is a time to realise, more money is not happiness indeed.

A lot of people will be experiencing karma return next year onwards, because next year is a vast change of life force in human mankind. And perhaps, people need to learn to live in a different mode of money. It is come to known that money is not easy to come now. Money is not what money wants. People will have more problems relating to money next time. I would like to let you know, a lot of openness and fraudulent cases will be revealed. And this will be the big impact next year."

End of channeled message


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