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Channeled Message -

Creator/Source/God: Advice for May 2011, 3 Apr 2011

Creator/Source/God speaks:

"May is a hesitant month. May is a prime time this year. A fine being will be here on Earth in May. Is not a profound being, but a being in Earth will come alive. This being will help people on earth. This is not a problem, but a session of form will take place. That means the life in Earth may change too. Perhaps people will be easily awakened in May.

Perhaps people will find answer to problem. They will probably find life is different from what they think. That life may change drastically. Plus, myself will be here to help on Earth too. Life will seem drastic change at that time.

People from all over the world will see different light. Pioneering this change is living here now. These beings are here now. No more are there fears for change. These beings are here now, perhaps living beneath you.

I would say in May, half of the population will know what is happening to them, that they are here for now. They must know what is it that they are here for. Myself, other angelic beings, Ascended Masters, extraterrestrial beings and these Light beings are all ready to help. Being in May, I foresee a lot of changes on Earth. Changes means lessons to learn and law of freeman beings. Till you know why, is lesson going on. My dearest friends here, everyone is given a choice here, to be here to receive this gift from me. That this gift is here now. Light from me to shine on mankind. This is light of love and mental clarity, passing on to people.

Finally, I feel like fellow students, learning and liking to be with one, and so with one, all because of one. Perhaps, is just the beginning, without judgement, without knowing things. People are just on surface for unknown, but time would come for knowing. And people are all given this knowing to them, without being judged.

Now, focus on your mind, that things are better coming to you. You should know what it is to you. You may have a liking in something but not lesser in thinking. So feel the vibration in you for now. I feel like my mankind has come to next phase of life, pounding faster and faster. Be with you, your own soul. My love for mankind has always been here with you. How sure is it for you is not an issue. Just live positively now. And so your mind is with your own soul. Light is on the way to you. Be peaceful now. And like your own self. Be meaningful on your own. My love will be with you. Feel love and joy with you.

I see that in few months' time, health of Earth will be less destructive. But Earth will be cleansing more. Be prepared that life will lead a change very soon. My love on Earth will be here. And blessed that everyone will have an answer soon. This life is a very unpredictable life everyone has to go through.

I feel that to live positively is most crucial thing for Earth now. I will be here to help Earth now. Be at peace now. Myself will be here to help Earth in Ascension too. Be fulfilled in life's mission."

End of channeled message


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