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Channeled Message -

Creator/Source/God: Advice for 2012, 18 Jan 2012

Creator/Source/God speaks:

"Help is on the way for mankind. Help is not only from me but from all honourable source. This time of year, Earth is having a shift to next level of love and light. Throughout mankind, Earth is trying to feel from her people.

I will feel that in this time on Earth, problem will arise more. Feelings of people will in fact accentuate earth’s well being. True enough, people on Earth will feel the change in vibration on earth. This is not on TV where earth is destructive. In fact, Earth is cleansing herself where lots of people and animals will be held back to God (die).

This kind of strives to dreams for people will result in imbalance for mankind, very destructive, very mourning. Intruding Earth is what people have always been doing. True enough, thriving more on strides may be cause of abundance loss. Pardon me to say this, 2012 may be a heavy year for people. People will feel the need for change for better. My concurrent plan with Earth is going faster, trying to maintain equilibrium for people.

Truth will be on Earth soon.

Positive thoughts are important. They may thrive on if people were to feel positive. Consequently, people will release their old form of energy; will have peaceful feeling on Earth if they have understanding of reality.

Try not to mimic kindness by driving a truth away. This is the root of most problem. The truth on Earth has yet to reveal to most people yet. I would like you, my dear ones to hold on to your own positive minds and try to pour on love around you, to feel people around you. Be more open to honour love. Truth and love are lessons for all of us. Lessons that mankind have to go through.

Be conscious of things forming up now. Not feeling for you, but mankind as a whole. Truth is to be lifted this year. Positive thoughts will drive things well.

Just be a complete, true and whole person."

End of channeled message


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