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Channeled Message -

Archangel Chamuel: Message on Love on Valentine's Day 2012, 13 Feb 2012

*Note: I have been guided by Creator to get Archangel Chamuel (The Angel of Love) to deliver a message on love on Valentine’s Day 2012.

Archangel Chamuel speaks:

"There is a need for humanity to love; not selfish love but unconditional love. About heart to heart love. Not through gains or winnings. I will see that human beings are pursuing personal gains, not true love unconditionally. The love is through people around us, not in the concern of your own first.

People here are searching for love but not feeling for real love. Real love are from within your heart. Feel peaceful and love within your heart. Pointless to keep seeking when you do not know how love should feel.

People around us may care for us and we should not take things for granted. Perhaps people are afraid to express love to you or you may not be able to feel love for them. But true enough, it is heartfelt within you.

For those of you who are single searching for love, my advice is - Fill your heart with love first.

This can be love for people and love for yourself. Be able to receive love and be prepared to give love to people around you. You have no fear to give as much as you want to receive. The romantically linked one will come to you in lesser time.

Those of you who are married or plan to get married, here is my advice -

The key to relationship is people. Two people are being bound together for a common feeling and good. To advance together as one. Souls have been drawn together for a reason. These are the reasons behind that you are together with him/her. Though time may not heal the past (karma). You two have to live together to fulfill what that soul wants.

Perhaps it is a love journey you have planned for in this life. Perhaps it is a lesson you both want to go through. Perhaps he/she is someone to guide you in this life journey. This is not important. The importance is the experience you gain from it. The experience of you going through the pre-planned path to fulfill your higher needs.

People all around us have a role to play. And we are just a part of the role for others too. Feel your heart with joy and laughter more. Feel bliss and joy with the soulmate you have found.

I will like to hum this for you to end off this lovely day:

Ponder with your heart and soul but not with your mind.
Think with joy and peace when finding solution.
Truth will come to you.
Love for you.

End of channeled message


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